In the Media

Robyn Brickel shares her insights in the media through these articles and resources:

Los Angeles Times

Somatic therapy: How Working with the Body Can Heal the Imprints of Trauma

Robyn Brickel writes that therapists use somatic therapy to help their patients explore their trauma after helping them first feel safe and secure in their bodies — a different approach than traditional therapy takes.

The Washington Post

How to Ensure Your Child Will Have Healthy Relationships

Parents, here is help for talking with your children about healthy relationships. When friendship turns into dating and “love is in the air,” you have some tools to keep the dialog open.

Washington Parent

Teens and Marijuana Use: Playing Russian Roulette with the Brain

Robyn Brickel and Robert Roth discuss the mental health effects of marijuana use among teens. They were interviewed for this article in Washington Parent magazine.

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