Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

The practice will close for inclement weather if the Federal Government is closed.

For Federal government delays, our practice opens at 7am, therefore, if there is a 2 hour delay, our practice will open at 9am. If the Federal government does not close, yet we find the weather unsafe to travel in, we will cancel appointments and offer phone sessions, if clinically appropriate and you are interested in taking that option.

If we are at the office but you find the weather too unsafe to travel in, we will offer you a phone session, as well, if clinically appropriate. If the road conditions are clear and safe at the time of your appointment, and you are not able to make your appointment, or participate in a phone session, your missed session, will be treated as a late cancellation and a full session fee will be charged.

Our practice offers a one time, free pass to waive the session fees, if we are in the office, the roads are clear and you feel unsafe driving to your session. As always use your best judgement for taking the best self-care of you.

As always we will send out an email alert prior to 6am to make a decision for the day, if we are experiencing a weather issue.

If the weather becomes nasty during the day, we will contact you to alter your appointment time as soon as we are aware of the inclement weather.


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